Inviting others to join is the primary way to speed up the Green Dominoes project, increase your domino effect, and assist the planet

Donate to the Green Dominoes Project

There is no charge for the use of Green Dominoes. It is our wish to see as many people as possible taking part, and to that end we have no intent to ever make contributions to the upkeep of this site obligatory upon our users.

Nevertheless a considerable amount of time and effort is involved in the ongoing development of this project and we have plans to expand to make if even more effective at helping communities and individuals to tackle climate change. We also incur direct costs in the form of hosting charges.

We therefore gratefully accept any donations you are able to make to the furtherance of this project. Donations will enable us to roll out future developments more rapidly, fund the translation of Green Dominoes into other languages, and cope with a rapid expansion in the number of users that will be key to the success of this project.

Donation transactions are processed by PayPal which offers a range of secure payment methods including credit card payments. It is NOT necessary to have a PayPal account in order to use this service.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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